Is flying a gyroplane dangerous?

No, it is very safe to fly a gyroplane. Even in the unlikely event of an engine failure, the gyroplane will continue to glide and can be landed gently.

Is there a gyroplane for more than two people?

Some prototypes have been tested but few are available commercially. AutoGyro, The Aircraft Company is working towards the production of a reliable 4-seat gyroplane.

Is it possible to take off, fly, and land a gyroplane everywhere?

Yes, it's possible! To take off in the city, a prepared runway or an airport is required, but, in the countryside, permission from the landowner is sufficient. In flight, depending on the area, certain procedures must be followed, but all of that will be explained to you – and practised – in the course of classes.

Can you fly the MTO Sport in the rain or in the winter?

Yes, no problem. In the winter, electric heated clothing is sold that can be plugged into the gyroplane. Heated insoles, seats, pants, coats, and a pair of heated gloves are all available.

Are the enclosed models heated?

Yes, the seats can also be heated.

What flight permit does it require?

You need a gyroplane pilot permit. If you already have a permit or license, some hours credits are applicable. Our school is approved by Transport Canada and has already trained a number of pilots in Canada.


What is the maximum altitude and maximum distance attainable?

The record of 26,663 feet, set by an MTO Sport in 2014, is the maximum altitude reached by a gyroplane. Here in Canada, a max altitude of 13000 feet may be attained, but a pleasant flight is between 1,000 and 3,000 feet. The range is 600 km.

What is the delivery wait time?

The delivery wait time can be between 4 to 6 months.
For more information please contact us directly by telephone at (418) 881-1550 or by email at .

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