Costs for training packages at AirProGyro

Whether you want to try a gyroplane, carry out a long-duration flight, or train to become a pilot

Mini training on the ground Possibility of taking flight command 150.00$Total flight time
15 minutes
Also available
250.00$ 30 minutes
400.00$ 1 hour
One Day Pilote


Theory of piloting a gyroplane
≈ 2 hours
Gyroplane inspection and on-board training on the ground
≈ 1 hour
Flight in the pilot's seat
 1 hour
Better visibility, view of the dials, the real “feeling” of piloting. The perfect package for those who want to pursue a full training program. Moreover, the hours are credited to future training.
Training in your gyroplane

150.00$/flight hour

theorical class

Training in our gyroplanes

275.00$/flight hour

theorical class

Insurance, gas and instructor included

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