The MTO Sport is the logical next step following our popular MT03 model. It was introduced in spring 2008.

This model offers a totally new and incomparable flying experience. There are now over 600 of these small aircraft in use around the world.

To adapt the Gyro to all situations, we offer floats in order to allow takeoff and landing on water.

Thus the possibilities and applications MTO Sport are almost endless.


Technical Specifications of MTOsport:
Rotor diamete : 8.0 or 8.4 metre
Cruising speed: 160km / h
Maximum speed: 185km / h
Climb rate: 4 m / s
Maximum take-off weight: 500/560kg


- Rotax 912 ULS -100PS
- Rotax 914 UL2 – Turbo with 115hp

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